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Drama, theatre and acting for children
Drama, theatre, acting for children

Drama Games

Interactive and immersive learning, enhanced creativity, problem solving, teamwork, listening and observation skills, high energy games, mood boosting, fun and engaging.

Storytelling & Roleplay

Imaginative play, devising stories, building characters, exploring different perspectives and emotions, using creative devices such as props and costumes.

Script Work & Creative Writing

Analysing play texts, developing new writing, creating our own narratives and stories, sight reading skills, expanding vocabulary and confidence in writing. 

Movement & Mindfulness

Rhythm and co-ordination, character physicalities, spatial awareness, calm and focus exercises, self discovery and personal growth, promoting positive mental health and wellbeing. 

Acting (Stage & Screen)

Acting technique, characterisation, stage and screen craft, improvisation, exploring different genres, vocal projection, articulation, taking direction, character workbooks and monologues.

Theatre Production

End of term showcase, collaborative performance, intro to stage production and management roles, set and prop design, leadership skills, experience of performing in a real life theatre.

Social Skills

Social Skills








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